Tackle Youth Unemployment


Our Mission

Tackle Youth Unemployment's aim is to identify youth that is at risk of becoming disengaged from their respective communities and assist and support them in overcoming their difficulties so they avoid challenges associated with long-term unemployment.


Our Vision

Tackle Youth Unemployment hopes to inspire all youth to identify dreams, goals and skills so they can reach their full potential.


Our Values

Tackle Youth Unemployment aims to serve our mission by linking individuals with specialised support services and mentors.


Our youth can face any number of problems; drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, domestic violence, behavioral problems, sexual abuse, to name a few however there is not always a resource available to help an individual work through these problems.  Often these issues are the beginning of a greater problem that leads to an individual disengaging from their family, relationships, school and / or community.


Our aim is to work with individuals until they are "back on track" - for some this may mean that they are reengaged in a relationship with their family, for others it may mean they return to school or the workforce or begin a career path or new life plan.  With this we hope that they will have established the relevant goals and plans that will assist them for life, so they avoid the risk of that downward spiral associated with long-term unemployment.


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